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Nakama INC
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August 2006
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It's a revolution!


Here's a fun question for everyone:

If music could follow you, what would your theme song be? How do you identify with it? How does it make you feel? How do you connect it with your everyday emotions and actions and in general life?

Now go. :O

Current Location: snuggled up in a blanket
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Nami Tamaki- MY WAY

My theme song IS "She's a Bitch" by Missy Elliot.

Failing that, Peter Griffin's "travelling music" from Family Guy. "Riding on the bu-uss, ridin' on the buu-usss, there's an empty seat, hope that isn't peee-eee..."


metronome -- chishiryou freak, or possibly computer. I really relate to the lyrics.

What does this have to do with anything?
The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl soundtrack.

Absolutely nothing. But people are talking here again! :D

It's totally "Angry Again" by Megadeth because I'm always pissed off about something.