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Nakama INC

Oretachi Wa FAMILY!

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Welcome to Nakama INC!

This LJ community is dedicated to the spirit and love of One Piece, the manga series by Eiichiro Oda, and the anime based on the manga. We are first and foremost a fan community. This community was once based upon those brought together by the magic of One Piece Yaoi, but come to find that the same love and nakama vibes radiate throughout the gen/yaoi/het lovers alike! It's all good here! This is a place for real life or long-term friends who have met and shared experiences through the One Piece community to chill out and exchange stories, plans, and pirate loff.

(1) No character or pairing bashing, period. Debates are fine, but out-and-out hatred is not tolerated.
(2) Please still post all fanworks to the appropriate communities, unless you want to come here for a beta or a quick dissection of a fanproject plan. Also, open up the door for collaborations here!
(3) Understand that this will be a closed community. Membership is now CLOSED as of 9/15/2005.
(4) Play nice or I'm seriously going to fucking kick all of your asses and stab you in the mouth. How's that, you like that?! That's a new one! Ever been stabbed there before!?!?!
(5) NO POLITICS ON NAKAMA INC. This led to our biggest drama of all time so leave it at the door, okay?

pinkocracy: The Dread Moderator Dictator
bossgoji: The Dread Moderator of F*ck You In the Eye Who Never Does a Goddamn Thing

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